Sherrilyn Kenyon, Part 1 (30 min)

Hey there, thanks for wandering over to our home on the web! This episode is the first of a two-part interview with #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Kim and I were pretty chill about the whole thing…


Even though Sherri has over 80 million books in print in over 100 countries, she’s one of those authors who brings you into her circle right away with her warmth and down-to-earth conversational style. Our interview was over the phone, so while the audio isn’t always the greatest, the content is sure to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. Her fans – I’m talking to you Menyons!— are legion, known to fly in from other countries to attend her events, name their children after her characters, or tattoo symbols from her books on their bodies. And guess what, she loves you guys just as fiercely, never leaving a signing until she’s had a chance to meet every single one of you and sign whatever you’ve brought. She’s also been known to sign books for fans (after the store closed) in parking lots and on sidewalks.

She’s pretty cool, y’all.

After our discussion with Sherri about the dearth of reading material for teen boys, Kym and I researched the topic and found a couple of sites that offer a list of options. This Goodreads list is good, albeit full of older titles. (I think this was Sherri’s point exactly.) Here’s Amazon’s list for “teen boys fiction” when I narrowed the range to published in the “last 90 days” (as of March 2018). It’s a place to start, but teen boys fiction is still a genre that needs many new author voices! Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for teen boys books.

Well then, are you ready for Sherrilyn, Part 1? Here ya go:

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UNHOLY PROPOSAL, book one in a paranormal romance series about an insecure law student mixologist and a supernatural demon hunter who guards humanity as punishment for being a first class bastard while human. Absolution isn’t easy when you have all kinds of special abilities and no reprieve from all your favorite vices.

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