Robin Covington, Part 1 (30 min)

Hey Readers, you’re in for a special treat today because we have USA Today Bestselling author Robin Covington with us. Robin is one of those authors who writes with a purpose, and if I may be so bold, I’d say that purpose is showing how diversity is beautiful and a source of strength in our communities.

When Kym and I first started communicating with Robin about our interview, I thought we’d be talking almost exclusively about her foray into gay romance. And while that does feature prominently in both Part 1 and Part 2 of this interview, I quickly learned that Robin is a champion for people from all walks of life – particularly those who don’t commonly get starring roles in romance books. I’ll let her tell you what that means.

Thanks for being here, gang…enjoy Part 1 of the show!

Check out this hottie’s sexy Wonder Woman shoes! *swoon*

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Robin’s books we discussed:
A Night of Southern Comfort (The Boys are Back in Town Book 1) Amazon | B&N | iTunes
Ghost (Amazon)
His Convenient Husband (Amazon | B&N | iTunes)
Salvation (Nashville Nights Book 2) (Amazon | B&N)
Never Love a Thief (available in July)
Sacred Son (coming this fall!)

Books by other authors:
Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay (Amazon | B&N | iTunes)

Robin also mentioned Bawdy Bookworms – a subscription box for adventurous readers. 😉

More pics of her killer shoes because we’re literally dying…

Thanks for listening, gang! Be sure to listen to the rest of Robin’s interview when Part 2 comes out!

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