Robin Covington, Part 2 (30 min)

Hey everybody! Welcome to part 2 of our interview with USA Today Bestseller Robin Covington (here’s Part 1 if you missed it). In this episode, Robin schools Kym and I on what it’s like being an Indigi-nerd, the ins and outs of the Male on Male vernacular, as well as why she doesn’t shy away from heavy topics.

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone? Here’s Robin…


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Robin’s books we discussed:
Ghost (Amazon)
His Convenient Husband (Amazon | B&N | iTunes)
Salvation (Nashville Nights Book 2) (Amazon | B&N)
Never Love a Thief (available later this summer)
Sacred Son (coming this fall!)

Books by other authors:
Tell Me It’s Real by TJ Klune (Amazon | B&N | iTunes)

Robin also mentioned Together We Rise – a non-profit for foster kids that provides backpacks, bikes, and college scholarships. Cool.

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