Sylvia McDaniel (32 min)

Hey everybody! Today’s guest has a knack for awesome book and series titles…and if you want to be lifted up, go take a gander at her Twitter feed. I’m not even joking, it’s filled with positive quotes and funny memes. And speaking of funny, imagine a bumbling female bounty hunter who’s described as Don Knotts in a skirt and another one who tries to prove a superstition true by skinny dipping in the town square fountain. Hilarious, right? But this writer is so much more than light-hearted frivolity, she also dives deep into the twisty angst of a Cain and Abel story….So who is this paragon of awesome? She’s Sylvia McDaniel, USA Today Bestselling author of western historical and contemporary romance.

Drama, Divas, Bad Boys, and Romance!

Let’s go!

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Desperate (Lipstick & Lead series)
A Brother’s Betrayal (Mail Order Brides Tales)
A Scarlet Bride
Cupid Stupid
Second Chance Cupid
The Cuvier Women Trilogy


Today’s episode is brought to you by The Highlander’s Crusader Bride:

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(Misty here…yeah, after reading the blurb, I think I’ll be one-clicking this baby!)

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