Christine Feehan (55 min)

Hey everybody! Our guest author today is one of my paranormal romance idols. I’ve been gobbling up her stories for years, so when I found out we had a chance to corner her for a little chat, I’m not ashamed to say…I squealed! One might think that someone who’s authored 16 #1 New York Times bestsellers might have lost her down-to-earth touch, but one would be very wrong in this case. I’m talking about Christine Feehan, yo! Her stories feature every type of heroine under the sun while she herself is a warrior, filling the world with her stories of love and light, sex and passion, darkness and danger…all wrapped up with a happily ever after because — as she says — the world needs more hope. We had a blast and learned a lot chatting with this queen of paranormal romance, and we know you will, too!


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Dark Secret
Spider Game
Samurai Game
Mind Game
Night Game
Covert Game
Shadow Warrior
Dark Prince (Book 1 in the Dark Series)
Dark Demon
Dark Predator
Shadow Rider
Dark Sentinel (paperback Aug 6)
Dark Illusion (Sept 3)
Toxic Game (paperback Oct 1)
Leopard’s Wrath (Nov 5)

UNHOLY PROPOSAL, book one in a paranormal romance series about an insecure law student mixologist and a supernatural demon hunter who guards humanity as punishment for being a first class bastard while human. Absolution isn’t easy when you have all kinds of special abilities and no reprieve from all your favorite vices.

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