Katherine Garbera (38 min)

Hey everyone, welcome! Today’s guest isn’t afraid to break open difficult subjects. She talks about writing romance after her divorce and how actually talking about sex with your partner can be more difficult than the act itself. For USA Today Bestseller Katherine Garbera, writing offers more than a way to make a living, it’s catharsis and healing. So stay tuned, we hope you enjoy learning about this uber prolific author!

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Full Texas Throttle (part of the Dangerous Delaneys series)
One Night with His Ex 
One Night Two Secrets
One Night to Risk it All

FLIRTING WITH FIRE, Book one in the COLORADO HEARTTHROBS series, a contemporary romance novella about a blind date contest. The winners? An all-work-and-no-play Cuban-American firefighter and a bohemian school teacher who brings a little shock-and-awe to his straight-laced world.

To find out more, visit MistyDietz.com/Flirting-With-Fire

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