About RBC

Romance Book Chat hosts Kym Roberts and Misty Dietz freaking love happily-ever-afters in all the genre variations. Long-time friends with fourteen published books between them, they’ve come up with many schemes, but this podcast racket may be their most daring project to date.

They love to have fun and let loose. They love it even more when they drag others along for the ride.

Kym’s a hardened ex-detective from the deep South with a teddy bear heart and an obsession with Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Misty’s a washed up Zumba instructor from the frozen tundra who thinks life would be awesome if everyone used the Oxford comma and sweatpants were sexy. 

Two chicks, so different, yet so perfectly matched to build an online romance community! Like you, they don’t have time to read blogs or spend hours on social media, so each episode is around 30 minutes—just enough time to drive to work, exercise, make supper, do the laundry, or whatever the hell else life demands of you. They wanna honor your time with all the feels, and then send you on your way with a smile on your face. No negativity, no fluff, no spoilers. Just engaging content, author interviews,  book recommendations, and periodic access to exclusive contests. 

Are you ready to join the party?! Dive in (as long as no little ears are around)!

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