Piper J Drake (44 min)

Hey gang, if you love animals and stories of military heroes, you will absolutely fall for the romantic suspense books written by today's guest. But that's not all, USA Today Bestselling author Piper J Drake also writes contemporary romance, and she's an award-winning author of science fiction and paranormal romance as well as steampunk under… Continue reading Piper J Drake (44 min)

Kathy Lyons AKA: Jade Lee (41 min)

Hey all you intrepid romance lovers, we're here today with Kathy Lyons — the 'wild, adventurous half' of USA TODAY bestselling author Jade Lee, though Kym and I happen to think both sides of her writing muse are a blast! She's always ready to share engaging personal anecdotes and her hearty laugh. So get ready for… Continue reading Kathy Lyons AKA: Jade Lee (41 min)