Donna Kauffman (40 min)

A master of the meet-cute, today’s author will warm your heart and have you dancing to Disney tunes with your rescue pet. Donna Kauffman is a bestselling author who takes charge, yet isn’t afraid to laugh at herself as she dives into her next book research adventure!

Mika Jolie (35min)

Today’s author is the type of woman who can change your day with her smile. Living on the Jersey coast with an Ivy league college in her backyard, offers her the type of lifestyle she loves--full of outdoor activities and a rich heritage. Every novel she writes is filled with her passion for storytelling, breaking… Continue reading Mika Jolie (35min)

Kylie Stewart & Eric Rolon, Part 2 (28 min)

Hey everybody! Welcome to part 2 of our interview with married voice actors Kylie Stewart and Eric Rolon. In this episode, Kylie talks about her own writing and what it’s like to read sexy scenes in tandem with Eric, Eric gives us a swoon-worthy sample of his voice and shares what it’s like playing the… Continue reading Kylie Stewart & Eric Rolon, Part 2 (28 min)